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Inspections for buyers, sellers, builders, homeowners

Anyone buying a house should definitely get a home inspection prior to making one of the largest financial investments of their life. But home inspections can be a useful tool for others as well. If you are thinking of listing your house, a home inspection will help you get the most money out of your house and could help prevent stressful negotiations later on. Even those not planning on moving any time soon can benefit from having an occasional check-up on their house, the same way you see a doctor even when you aren't ill, to make sure there aren't underlying issues you are unaware of and can keep a small problem from turning into a big one. 

Why get a home inspection?
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Modern tools and techniques to give you a complete picture

At Pi, we use proven tools and techniques to give you as complete a picture as possible of the home. Thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, infared thermometers, scope cameras, GFCI testers, and many more tools are implemented to help discover potential issues. More importantly, our inspections are never rushed, as we aim to give our clients the most thorough inspection possible, every time.

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