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Home inspections

We will provide an inspection of all readily accessible components of the dwelling. The typical inspection includes the exterior cladding (siding), grounds around the house, driveway, roof, all interior rooms, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, attached garage, attic, basement and crawlspace. Appliances that will remain in the home are tested, as are faucets and a representative number of outlets. Prices vary based on the size of the home being inspected. 

Pool and Spa Inspection

Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and saunas can be a wonderful amenity in your new home. But they also come with their very own guidelines for care, upkeep and safety. Our inspectors are trained in inspecting these items to help make sure that they offer you relaxation instead of stress. If you choose to add this to your inspection, the structure, equipment and perimeter will all be checked for general condition, function and safety hazards. 

Detached Structure

Detached garages, shops and sheds can add convenient storage and work areas, if they are in proper condition to do so. If you elect to have them inspected, we will give them the same thorough check that we do on the house. 

HVAC Vents/Ducts Scoping

Debris inside your heat/air ducts can cause a number of issues, ranging from inefficient heating and cooling to fire hazards. If you elect to add this service to your inspection, we will scope your ductwork with a long, slender camera, capable to finding dust, debris and even signs of insect/animal infestation. 

Sewer Line Scoping

Clogged, collapsed or damaged waste lines can be an extremely costly repair, especially on older homes that were often built with clay pipes leading to the sewer lines. During a sewer scope, a camera is ran down the cleanout line to the sewer connection, allowing these such issues to be detected.

Well & Septic Equipment

Living in the countryside offers a great deal of freedoms, but it comes with a whole different maintenance checklist. At the top of that list is well and septic equipment. Let the inspectors at Pi make sure that the water coming to your house is dependable and safe and that the waste leaving the property is doing so properly. Included in the inspection is a bacteria test on the water from the Department of Environmental Quality as well as a map of the septic equipment and scum and sludge level readings.

Payments made at closing

We at Pi want to make the home buying process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, so we allow our customers to pay when the sale closes, if they so choose. For those that do not choose this option, payment must be made prior to the start of the home inspection. For those that do elect to pay at closing, please note their is a convenience charge of 20%.


Homes from 0-750 sq feet


751-1000 sq feet


1001-1250 sq feet


1251-1500 sq feet


1501-1750 sq feet


1751-2000 sq feet


2001- 2250 sq feet


2251-2500 sq feet


2501-2750 sq feet


2751-3000 sq feet


3001-3500 sq feet


3501-4000 sq feet


Over 4000 sq feet

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Additional Services

Pool/Spa Inspection


Well/Septic Equipment Inspection


Sewer Scoping


Detached Structure


HVAC vents/ducts scoping


Payment at closing 

%20 add-on

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Heat/AC return duct being scoped

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